Bridgefield is Wiredscore Home Certified 

Wired Certification is a real estate rating scheme that empowers landlords to understand and improve, their buildings’ digital infrastructure.

In 2013, WiredScore was founded in New York by leaders in real estate, technology and telecommunications, with an endorsement from Mayor Bloomberg. Their first residential digital connectivity rating scheme WiredScore Home was launched in May 2019 by the Secretary of State for Digital Culture Media and Sport. There are currently over 4500 homes committed to Certification.

Wiredscore in Ireland

WiredScore first entered the Irish market in July 2017 with a commercial real estate certification system. It has certified close to 100 buildings locally, including Dublin Airport, Wilton Park which serves as the European headquarters for LinkedIn amongst others. WiredScore Home launched in Ireland on February 27th, 2020.

Bridgefield is the first residential development to achieve WiredScore Certification in Ireland.

What does this mean for the Bridgefield community?

Fast, secure digital connectivity in 2020 is a need, not a want, for our residence, so they can live, work and play seamlessly, in a home that’s as connected as they are. Bridgefield is the first residential development to obtain Wiredscore Certification in Ireland and is committed to providing excellence in connectivity.

Wiredscore’s Irish home connectivity report 

 As a global race, we become more globally connected year on year. The world’s internet users now spend an average of 6 hours and 43 minutes online each day, and the typical user now spends more than 40% of their waking life using the internet. While the government’s ambition is to move to more fibre connections, in recent years, Ireland’s digital infrastructure has lagged behind its European counterparts, with currently only around 8% of homes having access to fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) connections.

To read this report, click here. 

Residents and visitors will be served by the proposed metrolink northwood station, adjacent to bridgefield

Travel Times


Access to m50 / m1 3 Min

Omni Centre5 min
airport10 min
ifsc18 min
grand canal dock20 min
trinity college21 min


Dublin city centre20 Min

airport10 min
blanchardstown10 min
dcu15 min
o’connell street28 min
trinity college36 min


Dublin city university10 Min

swift square2 min
omni centre8 min
helix theatre10 min
grand canal dock30 min
merrion square31 min


Gulliver retail park2 Min

santry river park1 min
northwood business6 min
trinity sports ground11 min
gourmet food parlour12 min
morton stadium18 min